Deploying the human body as a recognition tool is the next wave that may soon make passwords redundant.

According to a global report released by JWT on the future of payments, there will be 471 million global biometrics smartphone users by 2017. That’s a huge potential market.

Here are five ways in which biometric solutions are making passwords redundant across the globe.

1. Fingerprints

Made popular by Apple Pay where Touch ID by Apple works on fingerprint recognition.

2. Voice

Authenticates a user based on numerous vocal characteristics like vocal tract geometry, harmonics, pitch and range.

3. Retina

Developed in the 1980s. This method is based on the blood vessels at the back of the eye that have a unique pattern for every individual.

4. Heartbeat

Heartbeat or ECG scanning is more complex and hence not as popular yet but could get there going forward.

5. Facial biometrics

Face recognition technology measures and matches unique characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication.